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Shipping Cost Quotation

Best Angle Tree Stakes will be glad to assist you in finding the most economical way to ship your stakes.

bullet.gif (667 bytes) We work with many types of shipping companies to provide you with the maximum savings.

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  We  make every effort to combine orders on trucks going to similar areas to reduce freight charges.

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  We will respond promptly!

Were you aware...

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  UPS & FedEx will NOT ship packages over 8 feet in length. Therefore even small orders must be shipped by truck freight.

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  Generally, if the cargo weight is less than 10,000 lbs., stakes ship by LTL (common carriers)

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  If the cargo weight is greater than 10,000 lbs., then generally the stakes are shipped by Truck load rates (individual carriers)

If you prefer...

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  You are welcome to pick up your stakes or make your own freight arrangements


Shipping is Complicated!

Due the length and weight of our stakes, shipping is complicated!  While we ship large and small quantities all the time, there is not a simple rate chart to show you.

Therefore, it will be necessary for you to contact us for a shipping cost quotation.  We recognize that requesting a shipping cost quotation does not obligate you to place an order!

There are several ways you may contact us for a shipping cost quotation.

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  You may submit the following form on-line

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  You may telephone us at (570) 546-5571.  Please be prepared with the information listed in the form below. We will need this information in order to calculate your shipping costs.

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  You may fax the information in the form below to (570) 546-8509
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Information Needed for Shipping Cost Quotation


Quantity of stakes
(example: 765)

Item #


Please provide the following contact information:

Street address
Sorry! We can NOT ship to P.O. boxes!
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal code

Is this address a residence or business?

Is it necessary for us to call for a delivery appointment?
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How do you wish to receive your shipping cost quotation?
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