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Strong Enough to Support a Train!


Railroad T-Rail


Cutting a T-rail into three pieces

Cutting a T-rail
into three pieces


Best Angle Tree Stakes are made from railroad T-rails --- originally made to withstand the weight of loaded trains.

These T-rails are heated, slit into three pieces, and then rolled into angles by Jersey Shore Steel Company. The head and flange become the larger angle sizes; the web is rolled separately to smaller dimensions. Once reheated and rolled, the dense grain structure of the original T-rail becomes even denser, giving the steel a greater strength-to-weight ratio. High-carbon rail steel has tremendous tensile strength: at least 80,000 psi.


Do not be fooled by cold-formed steel products that may look similar. Standard low-carbon cold formed angles do not have comparable strength, and they will deteriorate rapidly.  Nothing compares to the strength and longevity of 
high carbon rail steel.



The Strength of High-Carbon Rail Steel ... Nothing Compares!

 High-carbon rail steel angle is many times stronger than wooden stakes or conduit. Best Angle Tree Stakes can handle heavy loads. They will support your heavy crops; they will withstand high winds.


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Less Volume than Wood; More Pieces per ton than Cold-formed Steel

Best Angle Tree Stakes take up to 14 times less volume than 2" wooden stakes. That means you can put far more Best Angle Tree Stakes on your trailer than wooden stakes -- allowing you to go longer intervals between reloading trailers during installation.

When comparing Rail Steel with other steels, other steels require a heavier gauge to support the same load. Rail Steel can provide the same performance and dependability using  less material -- a lighter gauge. The result is that Best Angle Tree Stakes yield more pieces per ton than low carbon steel stakes.


Made in the U.S.A. from Recycled Rail Steel
Rail Steel - The strong, economical, responsible choice.


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