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Best Angle Tree Stakes have fabricated features that save you time and money.

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  Our standard Best Angle Tree Stakes are fabricated to rigid standards by Jersey Shore Steel Company.  

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  The fabrication on a Best Angle stake allows almost all tying materials (such as plastic-chain ties, twines, bands, tubings, and wires) to be used in a quicker and more effective way.  The hole sizes and shapes in the stake permit the tying materials to be easily attached to the stake; The tree does not need to be pressed against the stake, thereby promoting more limb and leaf development, as well as reducing rub damage.

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  Our fabricated stakes have a large numbers of holes that provide support points exactly where you need it.

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  During installation, the hole placements allow even untrained workers to install them to a uniform depth by providing depth marker holes at 24 inches and 30 inches.



bullet.gif (667 bytes)  For a detailed view of the fabrication, click here.

bullet.gif (667 bytes)  Custom fabrication is available.  Please contact us with your needs.



While the vast majority of our stakes are sold unpainted,  painted stakes are offered as an optional feature.  Painted stakes are created using a modern powder-coat paint process that applies a baked enamel finish to prevent chipping and rusting.

If you have other color requirements, please contact us.


painted stake
An attractive green is the standard color.


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