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Best Angle Tree Stakes are supporting over a million trees
in 31 U.S. states by the best growers in the industry.



Spotlight on:  Burnham Orchards, Inc.   Berlin Heights, Ohio


Burnham Orchards, Inc.

Burnham Orchards, Inc.

Burnham Orchards, Inc.   OH
3 wire vertical trellis
block of Honeycrisp (year 2000)

Burnham Orchards, Inc.   OH
block of Golden Supreme (year 1998)


"We have been very pleased with these tree stakes.  We use the 2" x 1-1/2" angle stakes in our trellis system.   We have used them since 1996 and they have held up some very heavy crops with no problems so far.  They reduce the cost of installation by a tremendous amount over wood posts."

Joe Burnham,  Burnham Orchards, Inc.


Spotlight on:  Mt. Ridge Farms   Biglerville, Pennsylvania

Mt. Ridge Farms with Best Angle stakes

Mt. Ridge Farms with wooden posts

Mt. Ridge Farms    PA
7A root stock Romes (5 year planting)
supported with Best Angle Tree Stakes

Mt. Ridge Farms   PA
7A root stock Romes (5 year planting)
supported with wooden posts


"In September of 2003, we had an abnormal year with lots of rain and some severe wind storms.  We have tried several types of stakes for staking up the trees, and as you can see in the pictures, nothing has held up like the Best Angle Tree Stakes."

Dave Slaybaugh,  Mt. Ridge Farms


Spotlight on:  Boyer Orchards   New Paris, Pennsylvania

Boyer Orchards

Boyer Orchards

Boyer Orchards     PA
HoneyCrisp on M26 double row

Boyer Orchards    PA
Bruce Boyer with Gala (4 year planting)


"A very strong tree stake.  They are easily secured in the ground.  Last fall, wind storms broke off or leaned our wooden stakes, but not the metal stakes.  They are worth the extra money over the long haul."

Matt and Bruce Boyer,  Boyer Orchards


Spotlight on:  Garwood Orchards, Inc.   LaPorte, Indiana


Garwood Orchards, Inc.

Garwood Orchards, Inc.    IN
Best Angle 10' stakes on Braeburn

"At Garwood Orchards, we have been using Best Angle stakes (8' & 10' sizes) for 10 years. We have yet to have any stakes break, nor have we lost any staked trees in high wind. Best Angle are the only stakes for our 175 acres of apples."

Garwood Orchards, Inc.


Spotlight on:  Silver Creek Orchards, Inc.   Tyro, Virginia


Silver Creek Orchards with Best Angle stake

Sivler Creek Orchards tree supported with conduit

Silver Creek Orchards, Inc.   VA
Pink Lady tree supported
with Best Angle Tree Stake

Silver Creek Orchards, Inc.   VA
Tree supported with conduit.
Conduit not strong enough



Spotlight on:  R & L Orchard Co.   Gardners, Pennsylvania


R & L Orchard Co.

R & L Orchard Co.

R & L Orchard Co.     PA
Post and wire trellis in perpendicular V
planting of York and Idared

R & L Orchard Co.    PA
Post and wire trellis in perpendicular V
planting of York and Idared

"Best Angle Tree Stakes are easy to install in all our ground and adaptable to a wide range of applications."

Mark Rice,   R & L Orchard Co.


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