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Karen Wentzler Woolever   Clarence R. Wentzler
Karen Wentzler Woolever
and Clarence R. Wentzler

About The Company

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)  Best Angle Tree Stakes, Inc. was started by Clarence R. Wentzler and Karen Wentzler Woolever. Clarence and Karen are also the owners  and operators of Wentzlers' Fruit Farms, Inc.

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)  The Wentzlers farm approximately 400 acres of fruit. The operation includes a large storage and packing plant, two farm markets, and a cider processing facility.

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)  Of the 400 acres farmed, 275 acres of this operation consists of high density dwarf apple trees. The Wentzlers began planting dwarf trees in the late 1960's, and started supporting these trees in the early 1970's.

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)  Over the years, they have planted a variety of  dwarf rootstocks, from interstems all the way down to the super dwarf M27.  In addition, the Wentzlers have explored a number of  planting styles including slender spindle, super spindle, french axe, multiple row bed, and 1 - 6 wire trellises.

Best Angle Tree Stakes, Inc.
Best Angle Tree Stakes, Inc.

Recognizing A Need

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)  When the Wentzlers started supporting their dwarf fruit trees in the early 1970's, they experimented with a variety of support systems, such as bamboo, conduit, wood, and wire. All of these support systems  proved unacceptable for one reason or another.

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)  Thus, the Wentzlers produced the Best Angle Tree Stake. After recognizing the tremendous improvement in the support process, the Wentzlers  decided to offer their product to other growers.  The Wentzlers formed Best Angle Tree Stakes, Inc. in conjunction with Jersey Shore Steel Company.

Wentzlers' Fruit Farms, Inc.
Wentzlers' Fruit Farms, Inc.

packing line
packing line

Wentzlers' orchard

Sharing Knowledge

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)  These days, most of Wentzlers' production comes from M9 dwarf trees supported by a single Best Angle Tree Stake, some of which are over 30 years old! When you contact Best Angle, Clarence or Karen will offer you more than just a support system; They will offer you over 30 years of knowledge  in commercial tree support and production systems. They are aware of your challenges, and will help you  accomplish your goal!


Best Angle Tree Stakes are supporting over one million trees in 31 U.S. states.
Best Angle Tree Stakes aren't just a product the Wentzlers sell,
they use them in their own orchards!


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