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Best Angle Tree Stakes - The best tree support available!

Best Angle Tree Stakes are supporting over one million trees in 31 U.S. states.

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)   Super Strong - Made from high carbon  Rail Steel with tremendous tensile strength: at least 80,000 psi

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)   Made to last - the life of your orchard

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)   The Fastest & Easiest to install - even in rocky soil.

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)   The best training fabrication available - with generous hole selections for tying and depth markers

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)   No Breakage with heavy loads of fruit or wind

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)   No Splinters, Warping, or Frost Heaving

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)   No leaching of wood preservatives

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)   A recycled product - Made in U.S.A. - helping our environment

BD14752_.gif (667 bytes)   Designed, Distributed, and Used by a fruit growing family with over 40 years experience with dwarf tree systems!

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